Friday, July 24, 2015

Massage at what age?

I get asked about age related to massage quite often.  Am I too old? Is my child old enough? The answer is that you can basically get a massage at any age I have clients ranging from 7 to late 80's.  I will try and address several life stages and how massage can apply.

If your baby is cranky, try rubbing their belly or feet, you'd be amazed at how calming it can be, plus it is great bonding time -Bonus!

Growing pains: young children can get pretty bad leg pain while growing. My son (9) will curl up next to me and throw his legs across my lap... I will gently rub his calves and the bottoms of his feet, with or without lotion. Building a bond with your child through calming massage is a great way to set up a lifelong bond. I have had children as young as 7 come into Simply Spa for massages.  If the child is asking their parent, they might be ready and it is up to the parent to decide (you know your child best).  I recommend a half hour and always have the parent stay in the room, until at least their mid-teens.

Teens! Now, they are great candidates for massage for so many reasons. If they are highly involved in sports it is a gentle way to deal with and possibly prevent injuries. I've had many cheerleaders, football players and swimmers come in for massages after they overdid their activities or had minor injuries.  Stress: high school is where they start to find out what stress is and getting a massage can help them focus and find a way to calm their anxieties. These days teenagers become so constantly exposed to everything with modern technology that unplugging for even just 30 minutes will teach them a way to cope with that over-exposure.

College, marriage, mortgage, babies, lots of things happen in your twenties and thirties. I'm pretty sure this needs no explaining!

Forties, most of us have settled into life, family etc. and have probably neglected ourselves for a while... Now is a great time to be selfish and start taking care of yourself and those achy muscles from built up stress and neglect. Keep having those massages for the rest of your life and help your body function well thru relaxation.

"Over the hill" I say this jokingly because I'm not sure what would be a politically correct term for old age and at what age are you old anyways? Good news is, you are never too old for massage! You can literally have a massage on your death bed. I know that sounds macabre, but massages in a hospice bed are not unheard of and I hope it becomes a more well known thing.  I think if you've lived a long life you deserve to be treated with dignity!

So the short answer to all age questions: Yes massage is good at your age!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Special 2015

Between Memorial Day and Labor day I am offering the following Summer special.

Come in for a Hot Bamboo Massage, use special code Summer2015, save 10% and get your choice of a homemade bar of soap from Pacific Paradise Soap Company.

Call for an appointment or book online.

(619) 258 5810

Have a great summer!